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Tour Code: RC-XJ001

Xinjiang Natural Beauty and Historic Heritages

Destinations: Urumqi, Buerjin, Kanasu, Yining, Narati, Turpan, Urumqi

Duration: 12 Days

Difficulties Index:  2 of 5

Best View: 
Summer and Autumn (May - October)

Overview: This is a real adventure deep into the Xinjiang hinterland. Driving the most part of it surely is a hard way to go, but as the Silk Road was literally walked by our forefathers and most of the areas we pass are still backward and undeveloped, the cheap fake watches tough conditions are not too much to complain about. Radiating from Urumqi, we take you to Kanas Lake, its beauty and mysterious folk tales attract many tourists every year. The Wuerhe Ghost City, where there is a unique wind-eroded geological feature. And Narati Grassland, one of the four largest grasslands of the world.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Urumqi

Our guide and driver will meet you at Urumqi airport, transfer to the hotel.

* Meals: -/-/D
* Overnight at Urumqi 4-star Hotel

Day 2: Urumqi - Buerjin

Drive to Buerjin (about 11 hour's drive), the journey by this route is very attractive by its picturesqueness. We will through the second largest desert Gurbantunggut, and through the Karamori Mountain Nature Reserve, you may see the wild goat or wild donkey if you are luck, after see the Huoshaoshan (Burn down hills), the hills like the painter hands slate. Then visit Multicolor Bay.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Buerjin 4-star Hotel

Day 3: Buerjin- Kanas Lake- Jiadengyu

Drive to visit Kanas Lake. Along the River Valley, we will arrive at the pure land Kanas Lake; it is nestled in the deep forests and mountains of Altay. The scenic spots includes: Yueliang Wan (Moon Bay), Shenxian Wan (Fairy Bay), we will also visit the Kanas village, where lives 700 Tuwa people. They are the local ethnic family, the Tuwa Tribe. Drive to Jiadengyu.

* Kanas Lake: The Kanas Lake (Kanasi Hu), which means "beautiful, rich and mysterious" in Mongolian, can be found 150km north of Buerjin Town in Xinjiang. The long bean-shaped lake reflects the surrounding snowcapped mountains. In autumn, it presents a picturesque landscape of forests in a riot of colors with gold, red, blue and green, which excites your sights and senses.

* The Tuwa Tribe A Mongolian tribe called Tuwa lives on the south bank of the Kanas Lake. Believing in Lamaism, it is a valiant ethic minority with a long history. Tuwa people speak Turkish, resembling the language of Kazakh, and live on hunting and graze. They also have a special folk custom.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Jiadengyu holiday resort

Day 4: Kanas - Buerjin

After breakfast, we will drive back to Altay Mountains. And see the glacier-covered Friendship Peak, which is located the Sino-Russian border. Then visit Guanyuting Pavillion, where one can get a breathtaking view of the entire Kanas Lake. After lunch, head back towards Buerjin, and have a nice walking in local Night Market.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Buerjin 4-star Hotel

Day 5: Buerjin - Karamay

Drive to visit Wuerhe Ghost City (4 hour's drive), the Wuerhe Ghost City, also known as the "Wuerhe Wind City", Wind and water had created a masterpiece of nature pavilion stands, tall dunes now become the dangerous precipice. Because the wind and canyon friction as a kind of special voice, here called Ghost Town of World. And we will through the Baili oil well, and Erqisi River Valley etc., drive 2 hours to Karamay.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Karamay 4-star hotel

Day 6: Karamay - Yining

Drive to Yining (about 11 hour's drive), visit Sayram Lake, Guozigou (Fruit Valley), and Lavender Base on the way.

* Sayram Lake: Lying in the basin surrounded by Tianshan Mountain, it is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang. The water of the lake is very pure and clear. You can see flocks of ducks and swans frolic on the water surface. Thus the Sayram Lake is considered as a pearl of the Silk Road.

* The "Fruit Valley" (Guozigou) is about 28km long stretching along in the rough direction of the Urumqi-Yining Highway, which is also known as the Northern Silk Road. Guozigou is a natural storehouse of plant species with a wide range of fruits and herbs growing wild in the area.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Yining 4-star Hotel

Day 7: Yining - Narati

Yining is famous for its beautiful grasslands, and Narati Grassland is the best in Yining area. In the morning we drive to Narati (about 5 hour's drive), we can walk on this grassland leisurely or ride the horse to have a different experience.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Narati 4-star hotel

Day 8: Narati - Yining

Free in the morning, and back to Yining after lunch.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Yining 4-star Hotel

Day 9: Yining - Urumqi

Take a morning flight from Yining to Urumqi. In the morning, drive for 30 kilometers to Asian Center in the Baojia Caozi Village in Yongfeng County. After lunch, continue the tour to Hongshan Park. As the symbol of Urumqi City, It is said that the top of the hill is the ideal place to view the whole city or take wonderful pictures. Then continue to the Hantenggeli Mosque. You will be surprised to find its underground flours are bustling stores offering goods and commodities with folk customs. If interested, you may walk to the nearby People's Theater with a mixture construction style of Central Asian Muslim.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Urumqi 4-star Hotel

Day 10: Urumqi - Turpan

Drive to visit Grape Gully in morning, be a guest at local people¡¯s house, and enjoy the folk performances & delicious fruits. Visit Ancient City of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto), and the Karez systems. No place in China is hotter in summer than the Flaming Mountain in Turpan, a mountain made famous by the classical Chinese mythological novel. After visit the Flaming Mountain, we will go back Urumqi.

* Ancient City of Jiaohe: One of the world's architectural wonders hides in Yarnaz Valley, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) west of Turpan. Like a willow leaf, the ancient city of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto) with a history of 2300 years lies between two rivers on a loess plateau atop a cliff of over 30 meters (98.4feet). It is the largest, oldest and best-preserved earthen city in the world.

* The Karez Systems: Karez systems are the crystallization of ancient people's diligence and intelligence. At its peak, the karez irrigation system exceeded 5,000 km (3,106 miles) and was also referred to as 'the underground Great Wall'. It is among the three ancient major irrigation projects with the other two being Ling Canal and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Urumqi 4-star Hotel

Day 11: Urumqi

Visit Xinjiang Regional Museum, and be free at your own leisure for your shopping in International Bazaar.

* Meals: B/-/-
* Overnight at Urumqi 4-star Hotel

Day 12: Urumqi - Home

Transfer to the airport, and see you off.
*Meals: B/-/-

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4. Service provided by the English-Speaking guide (Local Guide).
5. Air ticket: Yining to Urumqi, airport tax & Fuel fees included.
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1. The air ticket of arrival and departure.
2. Excess baggage, tips to the guide and driver, and other personal expenses.
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* Meals included as listed (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner).

Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.