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Tour Code: RC-YN014

Roam Yunnan Three Forests and Dongchuan Red Land

Destinations: Kunming, Stone Forest, Luliang, Dongchuan, Zhuanlong, Yuanmou

Duration: 8 Days

Difficulties Index:  1 of 5

Best View: 
Autumn (Sept-Dec), Summer (May to June), Winter (Jan-Feb).

Overview: Dongchuan, a rural place in the Wumeng Mountainous area, about 165km north of Kunming, becomes very famous among Chinese photographers for its red earth scenery.

In the1990s, the first Chinese photographers came to discover the Wumeng's scenery. The first came and scooped replica sunglasses uk outlet award-winning photos, but kept their location a closely guarded secret. But slowly the details leaked and now more and more photographers are making their arduous trip into the arid mountains.

The scenery is centralized around Huashitou(means colorful Stones) of glasses uk sale Xintian Township, which is about 50km away from Dongchuan County seat. The brilliant red earth, the yellow Wheat field and the dramatic skies make the region around Dongchuan a paradise for photographers.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Kunming-Stone Forest

Drive to Stone forest (86km), Visit the Stone Forest, the geological Karst wonder with colorful Sani people living around.

* Meals: -/L/D
* Overnight at Stone Forest 3-star Hotel

Day 2: Stone forest-Luliang-Dongchuan

Drive to Luliang, visit the colored Sand Forest. Luliang is famous for its rich colored Sand Forest. The International Sand Sculpture Festival is usually held at the end of March, right after the Chinese New Year. The Sand Forest was formed thousands and thousands of years ago while this landscape used to be an ocean. The current attraction covers an area of about six square kilometers. Then drive to Dongchuan.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Dongchuan 3-star Hotel

Day 3: Dongchuan- Xintian Township

Drive to Huashitou(1.5 hours drive), it is located in Xintian Towship. The beautiful scenery is centralized around Huashitou. Trek on foot to the few scenic spots around there, Like Jinxiu Yuan, Qicai po & Yuepu ao, take pictures for the sunset scenery.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse

Day 4: Xintian Township

Drive to Damakan & Luoxia Gou in early morning for sunrise. Full day for photography in spectacular view points of Xintian Township.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse

Day 5: Xintian Township-Dongchuan-Zhuanlong

Free at your leisure time in morning, Drive to Zhuanglong( about 4.5 hour's drive).

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Zhuanglong Hostel

Day 6: Zhuanglong-Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Drive to Jiaozi Snow Mountain (about 30 minutes), Tour the scenic spots on the mountain, bringing along self-prepared lunch. Jiaozi Mountain, 4,211 meters above sea level, gets its name from its shape, which is similar to a jiaozi (sedan chair). The region is affected by a vertical alpine climate; hence vertical vegetation variations are noticeable. From late October to late March the summit is covered in snow. Back to Zhuanlong.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Zhuanglong Hostel

Day 7: Zhuanlong-Wuding-Yuanmou

Drive to Yuanmou (3 hour's drive), and explore Yuanmou earth forest. The Earth Forest (Tulin) in Yuanmou, a provincial class scenic spot is made up of five areas, covering an area of 50 sq km. It was formed by geological movement and soil erosion one or two million years ago. It is named for its shape like immense forest and the main composition of the expansion earth. Visit Yuanmou Man museum, The " Yuanmou Man " exhibition hall at the central city town, exhibits the fossils of the unearthed ancient ape and the ancient human being all over the country. The " Yuanmou Man " relic is at the Dayieniao village in the Laochengxiang.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Yuanmou 3-star Hotel

Day 8: Yuanmou-Kunming

Drive back to Kunming (3 hour's drive), end of the tour.

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Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.