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Tour Code: RC-YN013

9-day Exploring Wa Lands

Destinations: Lincang, Cangyuan, Lancang, Ximeng,Menglian, Puer, Kunming

Duration: 9 Days

Difficulties Index:  2 of 5

Best View: 
Spring (April) & Summer (May).

Overview: For this journey, we travel through the heartland of Wa people's living places, and learn why the region's isolation and history as a remote backwater- one still relatively untouched by modern tourism - has made it one of the best kept secrets in China cheap uk sunglasses sale.

-Wade through rural Fields to See the Wa people's Cliff Painting in Cangyuan, Which has 3000 years history.
-Explore the hidden village-Wengding in Cangyuan, where you can study the Wa's History and see their living way. Savor a home cooked Wa-style meal prepared by the local people.
-Hike up to the Wa people's most sacred places-Bone Valley of the Buffalo head in Ximeng, it is locked deep inside the forest near the Longtan lake.

By the journey's end, you will gain a first hand understanding of the individual customs, dress, history and way of life that give each minority group its unique identity. It's a celebration of color and cultural individualism only found in Yunnan, seldom seen by outsiders, and always fascinating, delightful and cheap uk glasses timelessly endearing.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Kunming-Lincang

Take a flight from Kunming to Lincang (40 minutes), a nice walking in Lincang city, to see local people's living way and enjoy their dancing in evening.

* Meals: -/-/D
* Overnight at Lincang 4-star Hotel

Day 2: Lincang-Shuangjiang-Cangyuan

Drive from Lincang to Cangyuan (6-hour's drive), we will have lunch in Shuangjiang county. After arrive at Cangyuan, visit the century-old Cliff Painting.

*Cangyuan Cliff Painting: It is one of the remains of ancient cliff painting art, which was discovered early in China. Since 1962, eleven painting spots have been discovered in Menglai, Dinglai, Mankan, Heping, Mangyang, Mengxing in the mid-northern Cangyuan County. Most of them were painted on pieces of vertical cliffs tens of meters above the earth.

The main content of the cliff painting are: human image, animal image, picture of village, pictures of hunting, offering sacrifice and dancing, etc. Every picture, simple and unsophisticated described vividly a picture of the primitive life with a central idea. It also reflects wisdom and rich imagination of the ancient was.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Cangyuan 2-star Hotel (local best)

Day 3: Cangyuan-Wengding Village

Drive to Wengding Village (1-hour's drive). A full day trip in Wengding Villlage. Savor a home cooked Wa-style meal prepared by the local people.

*Wengding village: Wengding Wa Village is ancient and simple and mysterious. Village, tea hills, terraced fields, and white cloud compose a fine social plough scenery, reputed as "the last tribe of China". It reserves the most typical Wa People's residents' architecture style, the most primitive folk customs and the most ecological culture, and it is the primitive group-living village that is reserved best up to today.

Within the village there was a built area for exhibition and performance, people dancing and hold an ancient sacrifices ceremony there at the busiest time for the village in a year (1st -2nd May) when the big Wa festival held. It is quiet and peaceful in the normally day.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Cangyuan 2-star Hotel

Day 4: Cangyuan-Bankao Village-Lancang

Get up early, drive to visit Bankao Village (40-minute's drive), the scene along the way was surprisingly pretty, with hill walled both sides, we will drive along the river. And have a nice walking in a long corridor about a mile long above the paddy field, to view the tree fern along the narrow valley. Then visit the new developed Bankao cultural village. Drive to Shuangjiang have lunch (2-hour's drive), then continue to Lancang (6-hour's drive).

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Lancang 3-star hotel

Day 5: Lancang-Ximeng

Drive to Ximeng (4-hour's drive), hiking in the Longtan Scenic area, exploring the Wa people's most sacred places-Long Mo Ye (Bone Valley of the Buffalo Head) in afternoon.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Ximeng 3-star Hotel

Day 6: Ximeng-Menglian

Drive to Menglian (1.5 hour's drive), visit the Ancient Town of Nayun, and the Tusi Palace. A little bit city tour in Menglian, then at your own leisure time in China-Myanmar Street.

*Nayun Old Town: Nayun is located in west Menglian County. Its houses are built in front of streams and on hills. The town is complete with temples, official mansions and roads, unique local residences, holy trees, ancient wells and cemeteries.

*Tusi Palace: Located at the center of Nayun of an ethnic minority area, the Tusi Palace was once the local administrative center. Tusi was a hereditary leader empowered by the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties to exercise tribal rule. A total of 28 generations of Dai tusi, all of them Dai people, lived and governed there for 600 years. There are 18 similar palaces throughout the province, but the Nayun palace is the best preserved. It was transformed into a Museum in 1985.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Menglian 3-star Hotel

Day 7: Menglian-Puer

Drive to Puer (5.5 hour's drive). We will stay in a Charming Lake-view Hotel to relax ourselves from the long journey.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Puer 3-star Hotel

Day 8: Puer-China Puer Tea Exhibition Garden-Kunming

Drive to Visit China Pu'er Tea Exhibition Garden, and then take a afternoon flight from Puer to Kunming (40-minute).

*China Pu'er Tea Exhibition Garden: Tea culture is an attractive tourist factor of Puer City. The garden is build on the Yinpan Mountain, 29 km from downtown Puer, Against the background of a vast tea garden, it is Made up of Pu'er Tea Museum, Pu'er Tea Making workshop, tea-picking zone, tea appraisal garden and some other facilities to comprehensively show the history of Pu'er Tea, and how to plant and produce as well.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Kunming 4-star hotel

Day 9: Kunming-Home

Visit Yunnan Nationality Museum in Kunming, and transfer to the airport, see you off.
*Meals: B/-/-

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Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.