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Nagqu is in the northern of Tibet. The name "Nagqu" comes from the Nagqu River which is the upper reaches of the Nujiang River. In the past, the river was also called "Heihe" (Black River). Today, "Nagqu" is generally referred to as Nagqu Prefecture. The Nagqu Prefecture Committee and the Nagqu Prefecture Administration are located in Nagqu Town. 

Nagqu is one of the important political, economic, cultural and trading centers as well as a transport hub in Tibet. It is also the collection and reshipment centre for the region's animal products, mineral ores, and agricultural and forestry products. Nagqu has a unique landscape. The ancient Yamtung (or Zhangzhung) cultural site, the Bon monasteries, the Holy Lake Nam-tso (or Lake Nam co) and the life of the highland herdsmen are unique tourist attractions. 

The local Tibetan people often refer to the plateau of northern Tibet as Changtang (or Qangtang), which is mostly located in Nagqu. An old folk song sings: "The mysterious Changtang is so wild and desolate when you are here the first time; it becomes your lovely hometown when you get to know more."

Nagqu Tourist Attractions

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