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Mianyang lies in the northeast of Chengdu. The city exercises control over nine districts and counties, including Fucheng District, Youxian District, Jiangyou District, An County, Zitong County, Pingwu County, Beichuan County, Santai County and Yanting County. Mianyang with a long history occupies 20,249 square kilometers, with population 5,119,900.

It enjoys rich culture and high technology development, so it is one of the political, economic, technological, cultural and educational centers in Sichuan province. What's more, it is the manufacture center of color TV in China. Fu River runs through the city. Mianyang also enjoys abundant natural sources including coals, petroleum, gas, marble, barites and granite etc. There are 448,000 hectares of woods and 400,000 hectares of forest. The covering rate of forest is 16.4%. The woods and forest also provide a good home for various rare animals protected by the national government, such as pandas, golden monkeys, serows, yakins, little pandas, elaphodus, macaques, snow leopards, giant salamanders, otters, red pheasants, golden pheasants and so on.

There are two giant panda nature reserves: Wanglang Nature Reserve in Pingwu County and Xiaozhaizi Nature Reserve in Beichuan County. In the deep forest of Pingwu, Beichuan, Jiangyou and An County, hundreds of giant pandas lives and procreates there. Wanglang Nature Reserve of Pingwu County possesses the largest number of giant panda, with one fourth of the existing giant pandas in China. Xiaozhaizi Valley Nature Reserve in Beichuan County is the most virgin nature reserve in Asia. In addition, there are other charming places in Mianyang including Doutuan Mountain, Ape King Cave, Buddha Mountain, the old cypress forest in Qiqu Mountain, Luofu Mountain Hot Spring, Baima Ethnic Customs, the ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdom.

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