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Taizhou, which means "peaceful prefecture" in Chinese, is seated in the central part of Jiangsu Province. It borders the Yangtze River to the south, Yancheng to the north, Nantong to the east and Yangzhou to the west. The city is located right at the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal.

The Nanjing-Jinjiang-Yancheng Highway and State Highway 328 link the city with Nanjing and Shanghai, the economic and financial hub of China, while the the Xinyi-Changxing Railway and the Nanjing-Qidong Railway connect the city with Nanjing and Beijing, the capital city of China. Taizhou Airport is scheduled for construction in 2009.

Taizhou has a subtropical monsoon climate with a humid and changeable wind. The rainy season in the city usually takes place in June and July.

Taizhou has a long history. In the Spring-and-Autumn Period (770BC-403BC), it was named Haiyang. Then it was called Hailing during the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD). In the Ming Dynasty (AD1368-1644), it was a center of the salt trade. In the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (AS907-960), Taizhou got its current name, which it has now kept for about 2,100 years. In 1953, Taizhou was put under the administration of Yangzhou. In 1959, Taizhou and Taixian were combined into Taizhou County. In 1962, Taizhou County was promoted to Taizhou City. In 1996, Taizhou was separated from Yangzhou and became a prefecture-level city.

Top tourist spots in Taizhou include Xique Lake and Deer Reserve in Jiangyan, Heheng Agricultural Tours in Shengao and the Navy Birthplace Museum. Xique Lake and Deer Reserve, situated north of Taizhou, consists of Nanhu Lake, Xique Lake and Beihu Lake. The Taizhou Navy Birthplace Museum was built in 1999. It displays a large number of airplanes, radars and canons retired from the navy. Qintong Boat Festival, which is held around April 4-6 every year, is a traditional festival in Taizhou. During the festival, boats gather in Xique Lake for a few days. Diverse celebration activities are also held during the festival. The local foods include the Taizhou Mei Lan Banquet (which includes 21 dishes and various snacks from the representative operas played by Mei Lanfang), Steaming Bun with Crab Yolk, Yangtze River San Xian and Huangqiao Pancake.

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