Yuanyang Terraced Fields

Yuanyang terraced-fields in Yuanyang County of Yunnan Province is well worth being reputed as a wonder on earth-building. r├ęplica relojes It is also a symbol of the diligence and wisdom of Hani People.

Duoyishu Village in Yuanyang is the central zone of the famous scenic interest on Hani Terraced Fields. The eight villages administered by Duoyishu Village Committee are all at the foot of Guanyin Mountain in the south of Ailao Mountains. Through thousand years, Hani people have carved great mountains, step by step and platform after platform, into terraced fields. Thousands stages of the terraced fields stretch to the dark and deep valley from the villages, connecting the mountains, villages, water and sky, which is further embraced by the moving vaporous clouds and fogs to combine into one, as if they were originally an integrate world.

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