The Ancient Alu Cave in Luxi (A Lu Gu Dong)

Located 200 kilometers from Kunming, The Ancient Alu Caves are among the large natural caves in Yunnan. Comprising the Luyuan Cave, the Yuzhu Cave, the Biyu Cave and the Yusun Stream, the Alu Caves are over 3, 000 meters in length, where dry caves and water cave are connected and crisscrossing with lifelike shapes of stalactites, hence won the title "the first caves in Yunnan".

Made up of over 10 hall-like caves, the Luyuan cave is more than 700 meters long, where differently shaped stalagmites and stalactites present a lifelike scene of pillars, waterfalls, flowers and pearls.

The 800-meter Yusun Stream flows gently with crystal-clear water. Boating on the stream, you can see a rare fish-"Transparent Fish" in it. Which add mystery to the stream.

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