Jianshui County

Lying in Honghe prefecture, Yunnan province, Jianshui County was the historic center of the province and remains an important transportation crossroad. It consists of two parts, the historic city Jianshui and the famous natural scenery Swallow Cave.

There are numerous buildings of historic value and places of interest in this area, including over 100 temples, academies of classical learning and large residences. There are still kept in good condition, including the Chaoyang Gateway Arch, the Jianshui Confucious Temple, the Zhilin Temple, Shuanglong Bridge, the Private Garden of the Zhu Family and the Ancient Nalou office Building. In addition, within the territory of Jianshui, there is beautiful natural scenery like Swallow Cave. which is famous for its grand scene "thousands of swallows gathering in a cave", in 1994 the state Council approved that Jianshui should be listed among the third group of state scenic regions, and the ancient Jianshui City is one of the state historic and cultural cities.

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