Ganlanba is a beautiful place typical of the customs of the Dai ethnic group and tropical scenery.

Ganlanba (Olive Dam), a complex of several villages inhabited by the Dai people, is shaped like an olive and abounds in evergreen plants; hence its name. Viewed from the air, the villages are connected to one another and covered with green trees, while Buddhist pagodas and bamboo tower houses stand out amidst the lush green.

Ganlanba attracts tourists with its tropical scenery and its Dai ethnic customs. The hot and rainy climate brings Ganlanba abundant products, including a variety of tropical fruits. Delicate bamboo towers dot orchards and bamboo groves, and the Dai women, proportionally shaped and colorfully dressed, make their way elegantly along the paths. When carrying baskets of fruits, the women move their bodies slightly in accordance with the rhythm of the shoulder poles. Myanmar-styled Buddhist temples and pagodas can be found here and there, and it is common to see monks in yellow cassocks traveling around the villages.

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