Anning Hot Spring

38 km away from city proper of Kunming, Anning Hot Spring is at the foot of Yuquan Mountain and on the bank of Tanglang River in the Territory of Anning County, a famous resort of Kunming. Anning Hot Spring is also called Biyu Spring. It is said that it was a rare and precious spring found at the beginning of Eastern Han Dynasty. The trace elements such as potassium, natrium, zinc, and strontium in the spring are useful to the human body. With little smell of sulfur, the spring is sweet. 

Long-time drinking and bath in the spring have a good curative effect on chronic stomach troubles and rheum-arthritis. The water temperature is 42-45 centigrade all year round and 2,000 to 6,000 tons of water floods out every day. The famous tourist Xu Xiake in the Ming Dynasty once praised the spring as follows, "Southern Yunnan has the most hot springs, but this spring is best in the world and one must not miss it". Many celebrities left the inscription of "The Best Hot Spring in the World". In the neighborhood of the hot spring there are the scenic spots such as Huanyun Precipice Inscriptions and Caoxi Temple worthy of your visit.

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