Dongsi Pagoda and Xisi Pagoda

Dongsi Pagoda is located in Shulin Street of Kunming. Xisi Pagoda is located in Dongsi Street of Kunming. They were both constructed in the period of Nanzhao. 

Dongsi Pagoda is originally called Changle Pagoda and Xisi Pagoda is originally called Huiguang Pagoda. Their construction were sponsored by Wang Cuodian, the Longdong Governor of Nanzhao and implemented by the craftsman Weichi Mutao. 

In the reign of Emperor Daoguang of Qing Dynasty, Dongsi Pagoda collapsed in earthquake. Since the former foundation wasn't firm, the Pagoda was moved east to the current site in reconstruction. Both the pagodas are 13-floor brick buildings of thick eaves. Dongsi Pagoda is 40.53 meters tall and Xisi Pagoda is 30 meters tall. Both of them have been repaired after completion.
One can climb to the top of Dongsi Pagoda along the wooden stairs. There is one "golden cock" made of copper sheet in each of the four corner of the top. The golden cocks are over one meters tall. There are copper tubes in the peak. Metal reeds are installed in the tubes and the head, neck and thoracic cavity of the golden cocks are hollow. It is said that when strong wind blows, the air is filled into the copper tubes, and the vibrated reeds will make a sound of "woo-woo-woo", displaying the wisdom of the ancient craftsman.

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