Golden Horse & Jade Phenix Archway

A symbolize architecture, the landmark of Kunming. It is located at the corner of Sanshi Road and Jinbi Road, 12 meters in height, and 18 meters in width. It is a kind of traditional Kunming style construction, carve on girder and painting on ridgepole, exquisite and splendiferous, the east archway(Golden horse archway) is named after Golden horse mountain which it is stayed by; and the west archway(Jade Phenix Archway) is named after Jade Phenix  mountain which it is stayed by.

To the north there is an archway called Zhongai archway, they all named together as Three words Archway, they are one group of the most important places of interest in Kunming. To the south, it is reflect with the East Temple Pagoda which was built in Nazhao dynasty. Walking on the Dongshi Road and Xishi Road, under the setting sun, the feeling is fantastic.

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