The Cluster of Caves in Jiuxiang

47 kilometers fro the seat of Yiliang County is the cluster of caves in Jiuxiang, where there are 66 caves within 30 square kilometers, and it is one of the biggest clusters of caves in China. The cluster of caves in Jiuxiang is divided into the Sanjiao Cluster of Caves, the Dashaba Cluster of Caves and the Xiannu Cluster of Caves.

The Sanjiao Cave, which is 2,700 meters in length and 50 meters in the maximum width, is the most fantastic and beautiful in the cluster of caves. It is grand, deep and quiet with flat ground and gorgeously shaped stalactites. In the cave flows an underground stream in which lives the biggest species of the blind fish so far found in China-Blind golden-line barbs.

The 350-meter-long Dashanba Cave is crowded with stalactites, stalagmites, stone curtains and stone lotuses, and outside of the cave are cliffs and a deep blue pool with a bridge over it, which is really precipitous and imposing.

Archaeological studies have found that the caves in Jiuxiang started to be in habited by man in prehistoric age, and the site of cave dwelling of man in Old Stone Age and some old stone implements and fossil animals have been found in the caves. The cluster of cave in Jiuxiang is one of the national tourist regions in China.

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