Great Wall at Huangya Pass (HuangYa Guan)

The Great Wall at Huangya Pass (Huangya Guan) geographically belongs to Ji County at the very northern tip of the Tianjin Municipality and is some 28km north of Jixian County Town. The pass, the only one of its kind in Ji County, contains the section of the Great Wall that extends northward to Hebei Province. During the sunset, the pass looks even more imposing with the steep slopes on both sides.

Even during the Qing Dynasty over two thousand years ago, it was an important pass in northern China. In recent years, some new features have been added to the original construction, such as the Eight Diagrams Labyrinth, the Forest of Steles, a museum and the Water Pass. The wall here has also been renovated recently, although its edges still show signs of decaying age. The most redeeming factor of this section is that it is less plagued by tourists than its Beijing counterparts.

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