Great Mosque

As one of the most famous mosques in China, Tianjin Great Mosque has been an important Islamic shrine since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Extending over an area of 5000 square meters, the mosque consists of four main structures, the Screen Wall, the Archway, the Prayer Hall and the Preaching Hall. Of these the Prayer Hall is the most active and respected spot in the complex.

In the mosque, there hangs over 60 couplets and tablets written in Arabic and Chinese characters. Many of them have a history of almost 300 years and written by famous calligraphers. They are in a variety of styles and express deep meanings. What's more, the mosque collects two Quran in miniature edit. They are in the size of a half or a third of matchbox. Also, visitors can find the exquisite brick art carving works by Ma Shaoqing, a famous artist of Hui minority. Set in the second north gatehouse, these precious brick art carving works mainly describe the famous scenic spots in Tianjin.

Even today, over one thousand Muslims from in and around Tianjin come here to worship each week. While tourists may not enter the building it is possible for them to walk round the courtyard so as to have a close view of the mosque. The Great Mosque lies in the northwest part of the city, Hongqiao District. A visit of half an hour is recommended.

Tianjin Great Mosque is located in the Hui minority concentrated communities in Hongqiao District, so visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious muslin food around the mosque. During your visit to the mosque, please respect Islam and Hui people's custom.

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