Antique Market (Gu wan Shi chang)

It is one of the best sights in Tianjin. In every direction, vendors spread blankets along he Hutong (narrow alleyways) making it a fascinating place to stroll around. Among the many items on sale are stamps, silver-ware, porcelain, clocks, Mao iconography and Cultural Revolution Memorabilia.

According to the locals, much of what is on display was seized during the Cultural Revolution and warehoused; the government is now slowly selling the stuff off to vendors who, in turn, resell it in Tianjin.

These goods supposedly come from all over China. Many of the items carry stickers on the back indicating when, where and from whom the goods were seized.

The market is best on Sunday. A few vendors set up shop during the week for real antique enthusiasts. Get there early for the best selection.

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