Tianjin Old City

On the south gate of Tianjin Old City, there is Guangdong Assembly Hall built in the 33rd year of Guangxi Emperor's ruling period (1907); there is an Islamism Mosque in the northwestern corner built in the 42nd year of Kangxi Emperor's ruling period (1703); a Queen of Heaven Palace on the northeastern corner of the city, built in Yuantaiding 3rd year (1326), which was used for sacrificing navigation eudemon, and a Jade Emperor Pavilion which is built in the 2nd year of Xuande Emperor's ruling period (1427) in Ming Dynasty.

Beside the Lion Forest Bridge there is a Zion and a church built in the 30th year of Guangxu Emperor's ruling period in Qing Dynasty (1904). What's more, the Laoxi Kai Church at Dushan Road, Binjing Avenue, Heping District also opens for foreigners. But non-Christian are not allowed to enter it.

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