Red Cliff Village

Red Cliff Village is located in Shapingba District, Hualong Qiao, and 8 kilometers from the urban area. The village was one of the former revolutionary bases for the Communist Party of China (CPC).  It was the vital district for CPC Central Committee to carry out their mission in the Kuomintang party controlled area. Because of its significance in history, people built the Red Cliff Revolution Museum for commemorating the great achievements.

The museum is mainly comprised of Red Cliff Village 13, Zengjia Cliff 50, Guiyuan and the former site of "Xinhua Daily Press". It was named for the main museum set up in the Red Cliff Village.

The official building of village has three floors. The second floor displays a large amount of objects used and scripts written by Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. The third floor was the office and dormitory for the cadres, in which there's a secret radio for communicating with Yan'an (the former headquarter of CPC) directly.

In 1958, the museum was opened to public. In March 1963, the State Council relegated it to the heritage conservation unit.

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