Arhat Temple

Chongqing Arhat Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple and monastery, is situated in the busiest downtown area of Chongqing. Originally built about 1,000 years ago during the Song Dynasty, it was rebuilt in 1752 and again in 1945. The present clay Arhats were molded in the spring of 1986. More recently, the construction work of the Depository of Buddhist Texts and the Meditation Room has been completed, and the carving and molding are underway.

Among the attractions for a tourist visiting the temple are the Four Guardians of the World, the Stele Kiosk of the Ming Dynasty, and the ancient Buddhist cliff inscriptions of the Northern Song Dynasty. After stepping into the temple and ascending some stairs, visitors may view the imposing Sakyamuni Hall and then visit the Depository of Buddhist Texts and the Meditation Room. On the temple grounds, there is also a vegetarian restaurant and a stand for sale of incense and candles.

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