Mountain City Tour (Chongqing City Tour)

Renowned as the Mountain City, Chongqing attracts visitors from home and abroad for its cultural heritage and tourist attractions. Its landform is uneven and the buildings there distribute in an intriguing way. Visit the attractions in  "Mountain City"  Chongqing such as Goose Neck Park, Panda Room in Chongqing Zoo. Picturesque landscapes are so enchanting as to make tourists forget to return.

- Panda Room in Chongqing Zoo: Located in the western suburbs of the city, Chongqing Zoo occupies an area of 45 hectares. There are 230 species with more than 4500 rare animals at the zoo including Golden hair monkeys and South China Tigers. In Panda Room, visitors can see the giant and lesser pandas and their offspring.
In the mornings, many local people practice Tai chi at the zoo. Join them if you wish.

- Goose Neck Park: Very popular with the locals who come here to enjoy the gardens, play Mahjohngg, make music or just relax. Nice views over the river and Chongqing, there are also a number of interesting buildings and former Embassies in the grounds, plus an enormous long painting of the Yangtze.

- Cai Xiang Yuan (Yangjiaping Branch): It has accommodation for 320 dinners with 20 personal boxes. Most of dishes are cooked with local flavors and ingredients, meanwhile Cantonese dishes are available.

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