Shigu Town

Shigu is 50 kilometers from Lijiang. It was named after a stone tablet in the shape of a drum recording the merits of a headman in Lijiang during the Ming Dynasty. On the bank of the river there is a memorial hall of the Long March fo the Red Army.

There is a stone-drum-shaped tombstone in the town with the inscription recording the story that Mu Gao, the Naxi chieftain, beat the Tiibetan. And that is the reason why the town was named as Shigu (stone drum). The climate in Shigu is mild. The soil here is very fertile and productive. Because of all these, it is very important in the Tea-horse Road. Tibetan people brought furs and herbs here to exchange for tea, salt, cloth and other articles for people live around. It is in the market day when you can really experience the natural and simple life in this important town on Tea-horse Road.

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