Former Residence of Rock in Xuesong Village

Underwent renovation years ago, the Rock Joseph's Former Residence in Yuhu Village was opened to tourist as "Exhibition Hall for Former Residence of Dr. J.F. Rock".
Joseph Rock, an Austria-American botanist and explorer, lived in Yuhu village and other places in that region from 1922 to 1949. He was also a naturalist and Photographer, and the first foreign scholar to introduce Lijiang ethnic culture to the western world.
The residence is consisted of three rooms with a courtyard. East of the site was where the former general headquarter for American expedition of the National Geographic Institute. Upstairs is the living room where Rock Joseph lived for more than 20 years. The bed, the desk, the chair, the brazier, the bookshelf, and the clock as well as other necessities in the room, are what Rock used at that time. The building facing north is the "Exhibition Hall of Former Residence of Dr. J.F. Rock", exhibiting the photos taken by Rock, and many other things that Rock left in Lijiang. Especially, there are relics like his coat, shotgun, dental tools, and carpenter's tools, which were all brought from his country by himself.

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