The Laojun Mountains

The Laojun Mountains got the name from Taishang Laojun (Most Exalted Lord Lao, A Taoist Deity), for the legend goes that Taishang Laojun once made pills of immortality here, therefore, the Laojun Mountains are respected as the ''father of the mountains in Yunnan Province''. The scenic area covers 710 square kilometers with the highest peak of 4240 meters above sea level, and it is also one of the major areas of world heritage by nature-''Parallel Flow of Three Rivers''.

The major landscape of the Laojun Mountains is Danxia Topography of red sandstone. It covers 240 square Kilometers, and is the most fully developed, most colorful and most distinctly layered of the Danxia topography in China.

Abundant alpine vegetation, rare animals and numerous glacial erosion lakes in the Laojun Mountains are the unique landscape of both admiring and scientific value.

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