Pagoda Embrace Tree and Tree Encloses Pagoda (Shu Bao Ta & Ta Bao Shu)

The fame of Wofo Temple in Jinggu County, Yunnan comes from the two uncommon pagodas that attract all tourists. The pagodas are the odd sight "Tree Encloses Pagoda" and "Pagoda Embraces Tree". On the left of the temple is the "Tree Encloses Pagoda" and on the right is the "Pagoda Embraces Tree". And both are Theravada Buddhist pagodas built over 300 years ago.

The "Tree Encloses Pagoda" is about 10.7m in height with various Dai decoration patterns or engraved stories from Buddhist Scriptures and Dai folk-legend on it. It is the museum on the traditional culture and art of Dai people. The "Pagoda Embraces Tree" on the right is 7.2m in height. What is the most marvelous is a strong banyan tree erecting out from the top of the pagoda, being 20m higher than the pagoda itself.
The special prospect "Tree Encloses Pagoda" and "Pagoda Embraces Tree" is the exhibition that the subtropical natural scenery in Yunnan ethnic district-the Banyan tree, and the humanistic sight-the pagoda, admit each other and melt into each other.

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