Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake stretches out through Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County in Yunnan Province, about 60 kilometers to Kunming City, spanning an area of 212 square kilometers.

The lake is ranked third largest in Yunnan, right after the Dianchi Lake and the Erhai Lake. Also the deepest lake in Yunnan, it is 155 meters deep at its greatest depth. It is also the second deepest fresh water lake in China after Tianchi Lake, a volcanic body of water in Changbai Mountain in Northeast China. Water storage at Fuxian Lake is four times greater than the total storage of Dianchi and Erhai lakes.

Two islands are in southwest Fuxian Lake, the Big Solitary Island and Small Solitary Island. The Big Solitary Island is 40 meters higher than the lake and is shaped like an egg. Covering an area of .5 square kilometers, the lake has many grottoes and peaks. It also has many broken rocks on the side that faces the water. The Solitary Mountain Scenic Area was named a provincial scenic spot in Yunnan Province in 1998, and later was listed as the first Sleepless Island by the provincial government of Yunnan.

Fuxian Lake has great phosphorus content. Non-contaminated, its water is a clear blue and is visible seven to eight meters. Its shoreline is clean with fine and soft sand, and the water temperature does not change with the seasons. Fuxian Lake is perfect for swimming, especially along the northern Chenjiang Dam. About 200 meters along the shore, the water is 1 to 3 meters in depth with silver sand stretching for several meters along the shore. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Many tour facilities have been built in the Fuxian Lake and on the mid-lake islands, making the lake an ideal summer resort.

The first mystery that fires one's imagination about the lake is the discovery of the ancient under water. In June 2001, the archaeological team of China surveyed the buildings under the water of the Fuxian Lake, and it has been tentatively verified that they are stone buildings on a grand scale. But who built the city under water? And when was it built? There are still a lot of mysteries about the Fuxian Lake waiting to be sought out.

With fertile soil, Fuxian Lake valley is abundant in local products such as rice, wheat, horse beans, flue-cured tobacco, and cole. It is a famous barn in Yunnan Province, and also a land flourishing with flue-cured tobacco.

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