Bamei Village

After driving for over 40 kilometers north in Guangnan, where there is the border between Yunnan Province and South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, you will stop by a cave where there is a stream called Bamei River, which is the only way to reach Bamei Village.

Situated in a 30-square-kilometer fertile basin at an altitude of 700 meters, Bamei Village is sheltered by great amphitheatres of mountains.

Due to an inconvenient location and a hard transit, the village has escaped attacks by outsiders and the influences of the modern world, remaining as unadorned and pure as ever.

Reputed as one of the most isolated communities of the Zhuang minority in Guangnan, Bamei is a village without roads. Even today, the Bamei River is the only access in and out of the village. 

At present Bamei is home to 119 families, mostly of the Zhuang minority. 

As the story goes, about two or three hundred years ago, Bamei people's ancestors, at the time living in Guangdong, fled to Guangnan to avoid a political upheaval.

Accidentally, they found Bamei - a land completely isolated from the outside world.

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