The Dahailiangzi in Huize County

The 4,017.3-meter Dahailiangzi Mountain, one of the major peaks of the towering Wumeng Mountains, stretches over 40 kilometers from south to north. With nearly 3,000 meters of difference in height, it descends from south to north like terrace to the Xiaojiang River where it is only 1,100 meters above sea level.

Because of the great difference in relative altitude, there are vertical changes in the climate in the Daihailiangzi Mountain. The terrain slopes gently on the east side of the Daihailiangzi Mountain and is good for grazing. When spring and summer come, there is a beautiful scene of colorful flowers vying to bloom.

In late autumn, everything in the mountain becomes integrated in mist, and one cannot but long for it.

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