Gugan Shui Township-Minor Guilin in East Yunnan

Gugan Township in Fuyuan County, Qujing Municipality is the only township of Shui People. Five Villages of Shui people spread in river valley and through valley with the karst topography. The slope in the north is 1,630 meters above sea level and the lowest valley in the south is 1,110 meters above sea level. With green mountains, clear waters and spectacular cliffs, it is usually reputed as "Minor-Guilin".

Scenery in the "Shui Wu Villages" is delicate: There is a wood of ancient trees in front of each village called "Fengshui Lin"; the big trees in the wood are regarded as "holy tree" and thus are offered sacrifices; around villages are all sort of trees and bamboo, appearing luxuriantly green.

In the "Shui Wu Villages", there hangs at the door of each family a "Tunkou" -a wood -carved head, looking somehow fierce or angry. It is said "Tunkou" is the incarnation of the king of fish. It is generally carved with qualified wood and then colored with red, white and black.

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