Orienting to north from Gongshan County, Nujiang Prefecture, there exists an ancient post-road leading to Tibet. On this caravan post-road that keeps all ethnic groups in Nujiang Canyon in and out, Bingzhongluo at the junction between Yunnan and Tibet is crucial.

Bingzhongluo is called a place that "takes Snow Mountains as its territory and rivers as its lake". Being embraced by green mountains, Bingzhongluo is said being patronized by ten great holy mountains. The holy mountain Gewakapu, being 5,128 meters above sea level and also the highest Peak of Gaoligong Mountain, lies to the west of Bingzhongluo. Nu River rushes down from Gawanong in Tibet from the north and forms a "U" shape bend at the south of Bingzhongluo. That is the "First Bend of Nu River".

On the sloping platform-fields appears a specific canyon prospect: Golden wheat waves in wind and houses with stone-tiles shine in the sun. Here there are the site of former Xianbala Temple, Puhua Lamasery, Catholic churches and the like. Over 5,000 people are inhabiting here, among whom are Nu, Zang, Lisu, Naxi, Bai and Dulong people and these ethnic groups believe in Catholicity, Protestantism, Lamaism, primitive religions or other religions respectively.

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