Located in China's southwestern frontier province of Yunnan, close by the River Wanding, Whose name in the Dai language means "the sun shining overhead ", she covers an area of 34 square miles. Nestling within a stone's - throw of Myanmar, This mountain trade mecca of 84,000 people is China's youngest city.

She came into being in 1932, putting down roots in an ancient spot of earth trod by Kublai Khan's rampaging Mongol warriors and crossed by the old spice and tea caravans. But it was not until 53 years later that she was formally established as a municipality and opened to westerners.

And it was here that the China section of the historic Burma Road to Kunming, the only passage of access to the outer world during World War II, began at the bridge over the Wanding River connecting China with Myanmar.

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