Mangshi is the capital of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, a place of mysterious Buddhist temples and gold pagodas, homeland of the peacock and " sea of songs and dances ", a pearl on Yunnan's western border.

Mangshi is Dehong's air link with the outside world. If you fly in from Kunming there are minibuses funning direct from the airport to Ruili and most people take this option. But Mangshi has a casual southeast Asian feel to it and there are a few sights in and around the town that make dallying here a day or so worthwhile.

The Kunming - Wanding road, more familiarly known to most people, especially Americans of World War II, as the Burma road, connects Kunming with Burma. It is the only route you can take to Ruili, Wanding and into Myanmar.

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