Ruili Jie Le Pagoda

Ruili County in Yunnan borders on Myanmar. It was named "Mengmao" in ancient times and has been the political and economical center for Dai in Dehong Region since hundreds of years ago. The chiefs of Dai established Mengmao Kingdom here and built the first town in Dehong Region. The Mengmao Palace was located here, too. That town is the present Mengmao Town in Ruili county seat. Jiele Village close to the county seat was a vital town at that time. After Buddhism spread in, all villages constructed Buddhist pagodas, among which was the most famous Jiele Golden Pagoda which has been the emblem of Ruili. Experts estimate that Jiele Golden Pagoda was probably built in 1336, the most strong and prosperous time for Mengmao Kindom.

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