Lufeng Dinosaur Fossils

Lufeng in Yunnan was well known for its unearthed dinosaur-fossils in 1930s. On data, from the first dinosaur-fossil being discovered in 1938 to now, over 110 dinosaur-fossils, in 24 families and 34 species, has been excavated. Dinosaur-fossils discovered in Lufeng are the largest in number, the most integral in bodies and the richest in species. Lufeng is therefore reputed as "The Hometown of Dinosaurs".

Lufeng in the basin of Yunnan Central Plateau is 1,600 meters above sea level and belongs to subtropical plateau monsoon climate. In May, 1995, a farmer in Lufeng County found dinosaur fossil and the following excavation discovered dinosaurs and tortoises, large scale of aquatic animals fossils were discovered. Meanwhile, it was found the heads of the four dinosaurs were all facing to east, which is unprecedented in the history on dinosaur excavating.

This discovery not only fills in the gap about China's dinosaur fossils in the mid Jurassic Period, but is also the only one in the world that found dinosaurs fossils belonging to two geological ages at the same fault.


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