Heshun-Hometown of Overseas Chinese

Heshun Township in Tengchong County is not only well-known in Yunnan but also in China as a township of overseas Chinese, in which almost every family has some members or relatives doing business abroad. The overseas Chinese from Heshun spread over Southeast Asia, Japan, Canada, America and the like. Heshun becomes a famous township of overseas Chinese in China because of the long history as well as the number of people going abroad here.

Heshun used to be a region inhabited by ethnic groups. During Ming Dynasty a great many Han people migrated here. These Han people from the inland of China were better educated. Moreover, as Heshun was close to Myanmar and it was relatively free to across the border, people inhabiting along the border often associated with each other and communication in different languages became easy. All these provided advantages for their doing commercial business abroad.

In front of Heshun Village is a grand Architectural complex-Heshun Library, which is the top one in the rural culture circles of China. When new ideas and thoughts spreading throughout China in the early 20th century, the progressive youth in Heshun organized "Wenxin Society" and bought a lot of books on new cultures for people in and out of this society to read, which was the miniature of the present library. Later on people and businessmen who desired to have the culture and education in their hometown developed kept on donating money and books and the library extended gradually. Heshun Library has played an important role for people here to know the world outside and to improve their literal attainments.

Heshun is one of the first villages and townships that run middle schools and women-teachers'  school.

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