The Gaoligongshan Moutain

The Gaoligongshan Mountains which have the name from the language of the Jingpo nationality are mainly in the west and southwest of Yunnan, and go from north to south. For the most part the Gaoligongshan Mountains are the boundary between China and Myanmar, and they are also the watershed of the Nujiang River system and the Irrawaddy River system.

With over 1,700 species of higher plants, the Gaoligongshan Mountains are known as "the alpine botanical garden". They are the rare places where plants of various kinds assemble, they are the corridors where animals and plants from north and south converge, and they are also the places where the ancestors of mammals differentiated. There are 456 species of higher animals and over 2,700 species of insects recorded in the Gaoligongshan Mountains. Therefore, the mountains are called the world's "Gene Center of Species".

The landforms in the Gaoligongshan Mountains are complicated and were seldom hit by glaciers in Quaternary period. With different climate types, the age-old vegetation in the winding mountains falls naturally into six vertical belts.

The Gaoligongshan Mountains came into being as the result of the crash and squeeze of Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate. The peaks, gorges and lakes are geological wonders and are regards as "one of the keys to world geology".

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