Minjiang Park (Jiangbin gong yuan)

Located on both sides of Minjiang River, the 7.5 mile-long Minjiang Park is the largest park in Fuzhou City. Originally, it was called "Jiangbin Park", meaning the park lying beside the river. By combining the surrounding natural landscape and the unique Minjiang traditional culture, Minjiang Park fully reflects the characteristics of ecology, openness and water access.

The park is composed of seven tourist zones from west to east. They are Xihe Park, Jinjiang Park, Jinsha Park, Wanglong Park, Binfen Park, Minfeng Park and Minshui Park. They embrace various kinds of natural landscapes and man-made scenery. Visitors can take a leisurely walk or rent a bicycle to tour in the park. For example, in Binfen Park there is a large open-air theater equipped with a modern music fountain performing wonderful water shows and beautiful music. It can hold about 2,500 spectators. Mingyue (Bright Moon) Islet, lying adjacent to Wanglong Park is a good place to watch the river sights and appreciate the moon, attracting a lot of lovers to express their deepest feelings. The huge embossed carving "Mindu Chunqiu"  (Fuzhou's history) tells us about the history and culture of Fuzhou City. Moreover, visitors can swim and splash in the river on the three-hectare beach area.

An attractive sight in the park is the collection of 64 amazing sculptures of diverse styles. They were created by gifted artists from 14 different countries and regions. The local people regard these sculptures as the soul of the Minjiang River. In addition, there are four unique paths especially designed for your visit to the park. They are a footpath, a sightseeing path above the water, an electric power cart road and a bicycle path. No matter which path you choose, it will certainly provide you a wonderful experience in beautiful Minjiang Park.

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