The Fanta Wild Adventure Theme Park

As the largest fourth-generation theme park in China, Wuhu Fantawild Adventure has a total area of 1.25 million square meters, out of which 53 is land while 72 is covered by water. Fantawild Holdings Inc has invested 2 billion in this project to create the world class theme park.

Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is comprised of altogether 15 zones, including Sunshine Plaza, Space Tour, Mysterious West, Vesuvius Volcano, Dino Rampage, Conch Bay, Fanta Boulevard, Fishing Yard, Lost Empire, Duludubi Farm, Kid's Zone, and Water World. Among them, Fanta Boulevard, Fishing Yard and Sunshine Plaza are open to the public, for free. Theme projects, entertaining projects, and sightseeing projects amount to more than 300. There is Sky Sailing, where you can enjoy the real thrilling of flying; Solomon Seal where you can go thorough a place integrating simulation and real world; Vesuvius Volcano where you travel through caves on a train. The theme park also includes the largest dinosaur project, Dino Rampage.

Wuhu Fantawild Adventure features science and fantasy, which is accomplished through modern computer science, digital simulation, digital film, and sonic and light technology. Fantawild Holdings Inc has the intellectual property right to this park. Fantawild Holdings Inc has made a complete China theme park from the original design, hardware and software to the management and operation.

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